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In Internsheep News on August 19, 2011 at 2:07 pm

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Internsheep aims to be a one-stop shop for information about unpaid internships in Canada. We believe that the language in our provincial Employment Standards is  too vague when it comes to internships and those excluded from the definition of an ‘employee,’ and we believe it is vital to address this to protect the rights of young workers, and to build strong communities and economies.

Internsheep recognizes that under the current system, internships are easily and illegally exploiting young workers, which has negative impacts on:

  • The job seeker: Some are locked out of opportunities simply because they cannot afford to work for free.
  • The intern: Without ’employee’ status, interns might not receive protections on the job that other workers do. Starting a family or buying a house is delayed due to stints of working with no compensation.
  • The employer: Employers risk lawsuits if they do not meet their legal obligations and employ an ‘intern’ that is actually acting as an ’employee’. The talent pool is limited to those that can afford to work for free.
  • The community: Taking advantage of unpaid interns devalues work. Young workers with higher than ever debt loads are working for free, and are unable to contribute to the economy.

Internsheep wants:

  • To facilitate the collection of data and create awareness on the status of internships in Canada
  • To develop and promote a universal code of best practices for internships in Canada and to encourage employers to adopt these practices
  • To clarify the language of Employment Standards legislation to reflect the reality of the potential for exploitation under the current system and to strengthen enforcement and oversight mechanisms.

For more on how Internsheep plans to accomplish this and how you can help, see the Actions tab.


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