Closing the Sheep – Check out the Intern Association!

In Internsheep News on May 9, 2013 at 2:42 pm

So it`s been awhile! I set up internsheep after I finished my MA in 2011 and was frustrated at the lack of entry-level opportunity at NGOs. What few positions were available were unpaid internships. While the UK had mobilised and had several running and active groups and organisations looking at this issue, it didn`t seem to be gaining much ground in Canada.

I connected with some brilliant individuals working in the space, like Andrew Langille. I had plans to mount larger campaigns (like What the Flock – a demonstration day on the hill – with a name like that, how could it fail?). But although I did receive some traction and I did get a positive response from many others experiencing the same issues, I let the project drop after a few months.

This was for many reasons, but chief among them was securing permanent, full-time work while at the same time still working on freelance projects in my spare time. I have since moved to the UK, where I`m hitting the freelance pavement once again and toying with the idea of launching a social enterprise focused on youth unemployment… But that`s a whole other story that is likely ages away, unless anyone here knows of any angel investors.

All that to say, I`ve been glad to hear from the occasional visitor to this blog and to see a handful of traffic still comes this way. I think it worth keeping this up as a resource and record, but anyone stumbling across this will want to head on over to the Canadian Intern Association, who are doing a brilliant job of ramping up pressure on businesses who think they can get away with not paying their workers. Please get in touch if there`s anything I can help with!


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