To ensure that high-quality, meaningful internship opportunities are accessible to Canadian youth.

While the extent of the problem of illegal internships in Canada is difficult to gauge because statistics on these positions are not kept, Internsheep believes that interns, educational institutions, government agencies, and employers all have a role to play in ensuring that interns receive the workplace protections afforded to most Canadians.


  • To facilitate the collection of data and create awareness on the status of internships in Canada
  • To develop and promote a universal code of best practices for internships in Canada and to encourage employers to adopt these practices
  • To clarify the language of Employment Standards legislation to reflect the reality of the potential for exploitation under the current system and to strengthen enforcement and oversight mechanisms.

The Internsheep Shepherd

Internsheep was created by Carley Centen. Carley has earned an MA in Socio-Legal Studies from York University and has been both a paid and unpaid internsheep.

This project is just beginning – feel free to drop her a line at Internsheep.Canada@gmail.com if you’re interested in more information, have feedback or suggestions, or want to get involved!


This is a general resource and repository for all things unpaid internship in Canada. None of the information presented here constitutes legal or other advice.

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