• Presents news and information relating to unpaid interns, including a breakdown of acts and cases pertaining to each province. (Coming soon…)
  • Mobilizes a network of Canadian Youth in ways that have been seen in the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Coordinates letter-writing campaigns to MPPs, calling on them to address the exploitation of interns (Coming soon…_
  • Collects internship stories, conducts surveys, and data relating to internships

You can get involved!

  • Submit your internship story to internsheep.canada@gmail.com. It can be a good or bad experience, paid or unpaid. Statistics on internships are not kept by Statistics Canada and it is vital to illustrate the extent of the problem of the growing proliferation of unpaid or illegal internships. Your story can be printed anonymously, with employer and other identifying information removed.
  • Write to your MPP, calling on them to protect interns as employees under your province’s Employment Standards (Form letter coming soon…)
  • Coordinate campaigns in your area (Coming soon…)
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